Ray Colebaugh, USA

My father Earl R. Colebaugh

Thank you for updating us with this story. It is certainly going to be quite an addition to the history we are building thanks to your help. We reviewed the English version of the article and yes we agree. Yes we like it and it's such an honor to contribute to this history-telling.

14th April 2021


Stosha Andrien, USA

My great grandfather John C. Wright

Thank you on Behalf of my family Jiri for finally giving us some closure on what happned to my great grandfather John Carl Wright. It means more to my mother and I then you will ever know! So many years my grandmother wanted the truth and now we have it! Because of your hard work im sure shes looking down smiling right now because the mystery has been solved. And I really did love it, im sitting here with happy tears rolling down my face, excellent job! Thank you so much!

12th April 2021


John Mascio, USA

My great grandfather John U. Mascio

Thank you David. Think about this and the odds. My dad was in a restaurant before Christmas when Mike approached him about questions about John U. Mascio. Mike then researched him on and gave me the documents. You then reached out to me weeks later. Coincidence or divine intervention? I cannot help but think the latter. I am quite confident that you will find the missing pieces of the puzzle. Thanks again.

4th February 2021


Cleo Smith, USA

My uncle Harbert W. Moore

Dear Jirka,
Thank you for sending the information about my Uncle. You know more about my family than I do!!
I have provided all the information you've sent me to another of Harbert's relatives.
Once again thank you for sending us the photos and information.



Mike R. Vining, USA - EOD Memorial

Members of the 123rd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad

Dear Jiri,

What a remarkable website you and David have created to remember the American fallen in Czechoslovakia. You had information of the five members of the 123rd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad (Separate) that I had not recorded. Thanks. What great photographs.

March 2022


Robert Leiendecker, USA - Historian for the National EOD Association

Members of the 123rd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad


I agree with Mike, your website is really good and the information that you uncovered in many cases is also new to me. Thank you for sharing.

March 2022


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